BPO Services

Data Mining

IT PRO Inc has a record of providing accurate and first-class data mining service for all small and mid –size clients globally which as customer focused. We have experienced and well qualified team who are expertise in data mining service providing exact information that proceed to make figurative decision about the functional process. We endow with high quality of data and with lower cost and also we provide you the required information for your business based on the specification.

Data play a vital role for every business to take important decision on its functional process. Using Data mining service, a specific topic is researched from a large amount of data and it is segregated as per your business requirement. Thus with quality control process the data are entered in your database which help you to take decision to modify your current business process.


Our Services include

Data Capturing

Detail research

We research for you and get the full details on the topic required by the client.

Create your database

Create your database from different websites by online form entry process or offline process.

Online data entry

Perform Online data entry and remote verification: from paper / image to web, or web to web.

Online data retrieval

Gather the data through online and process data entry into your database as per your requirement.

Content management tools

Add the data as per your requirement in the content management tools

Database Management

Online data-retrieval

We prepare an online catalogue for our clients by online data-retrieval, searching on the Internet identifying source URLs, and gathering information.

Red Flag Report

Preparing reports and queries based on the current business market and prices.

We build a list of emails of potential clients

Creating mailing list of potential clients with their company information for marketing and advertisement.

Send initial contact email

Send initial contact email to the prospects identified as above

Search for relevant data

Search for relevant data from the Company's web-site and collect several type of information like Contact Information, Investors, and Industry from the corresponding sites.