Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Data Protection

All data information transferred from our website are throughly encrypted and there are no loop holes in transferring or or distributing any business communications received from our stake holders/businness partners. The customer information received through our IT PRO website strictly adheres to our internal compliance and FIM policy.

We at IT PRO always ensure to give you the sufficient online privacy when it comes to communication with our internal teams as the priviacy policy plays a huge role in every step of IT PRO's success.

Use of Customer Information:

Personal information such as first name, last name, price quote, address will all be archived in our restricted servers when any clients communicates through our website portal.

The use of information may be transferred and followed up only after your approval when two or three vendors we'd like to take on any specific projects. We believe in a broad communication approach before the firm takes to amend any compliance policy.

Disclosure of information:

The information which is passed through IT PRO by means of setting up a product/idea/suggestion will be updated in our Non-discloure agreement.

This process is followed to ensure we have sufficient compliance policies, FIM for the organisation where IT PRO does not involve in any illegal data submission or providing client product portfolio or sugeestions to third party vendors. Exceptional cases, the data submission will takes place when IT PRO is enforcement against any government laws.


IT PRO website may use cookies to assist the data we send to your browser and to produce our user statistics report.

The use of this is to understand within IT PRO perspective all the pages our user'svisit and promote enchancing the content and revamp, build a user-friendly site.

How ever you can always disable your cookies on your device by changing the settings of your browser.